Simply Curvy Girl waist trainers now available

Simply Curvy Girl waist trainers now available

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I’m now distributing Simply Curvy Girl waist trainers. I’ve started stocking the Leopard Workout Belt, meant for wearing under your workout clothes at the gym, although it can be worn elsewhere. It’s more flexible than the other trainers.

The SCG Slimming Belt gives you curves and a slimmer waist. Consistent use and being active will change the shape of your body. “Slimming your body to bring out your fashionable silhouette.”

The SCG Slimming Belt is considered “high-compression” and is intended to have an extremely tight fit. If you are a full figured, choose a size up to ensure fit. As your body slims, two columns of hook and eye closures allow the garment to slim down with you. Wear the SCG Slimming Belt for a minimum of 8-10 hours a day, for at least 30 days to experience long-term results.

*Toning abdominal muscles
*Lose inches instantly.
*High compression.
*Lose 1-4 inches in 30 days.
*Discreetly worn under clothes.
*Reduce waist and abdomen.
*Ideal for exercise.
*Improves posture.
*Strengthens core.
*Accelerates weight loss through compression and sweating.

Be sure to order according to the chart. You’ll compress quickly, and there’s two sets of hooks. It’s best to order one tight.


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