I'm a published photographer from Omaha, Nebraska who would describe his style as gasser fueled post apocalyptic seduction. Specializing in hot rod and pinup photogrpahy, but also available for commercial, boudoir, and fashion. I love cars. Customizing is in my blood. I mod everything I touch...I can't leave anything just the way it is. Somehow this love of cars and the female form lead me to combining the two. What a perfect match: a man's two biggest desires, all in the same place. Things have changed a bit, but the overall goal is there: beautiful images. Check out my links to find me in my other places, pick up a print, or order some custom photography. I've got event, boudoir, and garage specials. Car culture is fantastic. I'm here to document it. Enjoy! If you're interested in working with me, please fill out the model inquiry form found on my Facebook Fan Page, or by emailing shoot {at} photoassassin.com