Immersed In Ink

Immersed In Ink


Whoa…what a weekend. I can’t believe it’s over and has been nearly a week since. What a fantastic time. Thanks to Immersed in Ink magazine for a fantastic show. I shot overall about 900 images from Friday-Sunday. 850 made the cut for the magazine submission, and I present just over 500 to you, my awesome fans. We had a great time, and I have some fantastic friends who spend their Easter weekend with me to work the booth and handle all the questions and bookings.

I had to cut the number down here, as there’s just too much to post. I left out anything that wasn’t really up to my quality (yeah, I’m sure a couple slipped in) and all of the photos of people walking up for the contests. If you would like one of those, please email me and let me know what it was. I’ll get it to you.

We made a bunch of new contacts, and picked up a bunch of new facebook followers. If you haven’t, here’s the pages:

my page:

the fan page:

But anyway, on to the photos. Enjoy!

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