Chelsea Wedding Boudoir

Chelsea Wedding Boudoir

Sometimes things don’t turn out like you planned, especially when you’re dealing with Nebraska in the winter. It had been reasonably nice, and I had Chelsea set up to do a shoot with BG Customs‘ cool rat rod. Then the weather got weird. We went from a forecast of a nice weekend, to a nice day, to 50+ MPH winds and an hour long snowstorm during the time we were supposed to shoot. Becca Marquardt and Rachel Irika are true troopers and said they want to shoot something anyway. Chelsea was excited about doing a sexy wedding boudoir shoot, so we opted for that. We went with a big, white wedding dress I had on hand, and added in the sexy lace panties and fishnet to give it some contrast, shooting against a black background to give it more pop. I try and push what people normally see, and I think this set is sexy, playful, and really show that boudoir shoots can be fun but still be classy, with the fishnet giving a little bit of naughty. Email me (or Rachel or Becca) if you’re interested in getting some boudoir shots taken of yourself. These women are amazing at what they do!
wedding dress back

wedding dress front lifted up

wedding dress front upskirt

wedding dress side lifted up

wedding dress back sitting

wedding dress pulled down