Calendar Shoot Story

Calendar Shoot Story

Now that it’s almost February, I think it’s time to do my writeup on the calendar shoot for this year. What a couple of events that was!

I was approached by Tiffany Headley, owner of Haus of Donna Fae, and well-respected Omaha Fashion Week veteran to help out with her new side project Fashion, Love & Tattoos. Be sure to check it out, because it’s a great concept for cool, wearable fashion. Tiffany and her assistant and good friend Kayla did a great job putting together a list of models, a place, and we added some hot rods and motorcycles. It’s like herding cats for just one shoot, much less a whole calendar worth. It ended up getting done in two days of shooting…I’m going to need to break this into two I think maybe a million posts, so here’s:

Day 1. (part 1)

Tiffany started off as the first shoot, since she was doing makeup for the rest of the day, and we started burning pixels at 8am out in Mead, NE, where maps leads you to the wrong location. A couple phone calls in, and I was at the right place. The location was a functioning scrap yard, so there’s great things to play with/climb on/around everywhere.

4 up of Tiffany

Tiffany as a multiple image.

It was going to be relentless that day, and we hit a record temperature of something like 106* in April. If you’ve ever been to Mead, you’ll know there’s some sort of animal…something nearby. Triple digits means you’re walking around in a very dry, hot, poop-smelling environment. Now give me a sexy face when you’re done gagging, doll…

Ginger with towel



When you’re up against a 12 hour shoot playing against Nebraska sun (and shooting in some of the worst times of the day, you adjust). This is why I love shooting on location. I thought up some concepts and spots as I’m waiting on makeup, but at times they don’t work out. The final image on this one worked out much better than my original placement near some empty containers.













The concept was the normal cute girl with a towel over her and a swimsuit. We, however, had no swimsuit. Or a towel. Tiffany brought this lingerie to shoot in, and someone acquired a blanket. This just doesn’t work, so it’s back to the old drawing board to think it over. Meanwhile, here’s a “behind” the scenes shot just to plug my Instagram (photoassassin_omaha).











Ginger in field holding top



I realize there’s all this great farmland right outside where we’re shooting, so I decided to have the 80% naked girl crawl over some wood barriers to get a better shot. Get the lighting and concept down, then have fun with the model. Ginger’s a hoot…I love people who are here to live life and enjoy it.  Here’s September in the books.













kayla on motorcycle



Rolling on, a bike arrived, and Kayla was ready to shoot. The sun, combined with where the bike could make it on the location, determined the shot and the pose. A variety of mild changes got us the August image.















shelby laying on table



Tiffany had an amazing idea for October, and Shelby was the perfect model for it. Details in a location are even better sometimes than the location itself, like when the person there has a thing for old medical equipment. Nothing says “Halloween” more than an old autopsy table. I was just hoping that as the temps really started to skyrocket at noon that she wouldn’t end up looking like some sort of ribeye laying on this big stainless steel table. I tried taking a shot ground level, and although it made her legs look 90 feet long, it just didn’t have the pizazz I go for in my images.

















Photoassassin on forklift




I needed to go up, which unfortunately with no scaffold meant I was going to have to shoot standing on a pallet, leaning out, lifted by a forklift. Did I mention I don’t like heights? I can do flips in an airplane just fine, but put me out there on something out on my own and I’m lost.














So adjusting for the light, I needed to ride this contraption like some sort of giraffe-based mechanical bull to the other side of the table to get a shot without awkward shadows. A few more variations on the theme, and we have October ready for some adjustment in photoshop. (non-retouched image shown next to final)october before and after