Calendar shoot story part 2

Calendar shoot story part 2

(continued from part one)

This is part two of what seems like will be an endless set of posts about these really fun days shooting the calendar with Fashion, Love, & Tattoos.

Midday sun makes for challenging photos, but I was able to set up enough lighting to get the droplets on the next shoot. If you’re ever trying to get splashing photos, you need to take quite a few. Like a thousand. And you still won’t have what you’re looking for. This shot took quite a few, and I wasn’t totally happy with either the droplets or her expression. Busting out the photoshop kung-fu, I made my own the way I like it out of these two images.


I like how Anna’s (Anna’s Facebook) face is visible in the final version, but there’s still some motion from that movement. The sun coming straight down made the cauldron really dark, and I didn’t have enough flash on it to define the shape well enough. I pulled out some of the shadow in post.

There was a little bit of a lull with the models coming in and being ready to shoot, so I got a little more time with Ashley (Ashely’s Facebook) and man is she fun to shoot. There’s something great about someone who has so much spark…her laugh is infectious. In fact, I ended up with a ton of outtakes from shooting her simply because we were laughing so hard the whole time.


I have a few good shots that were candidates for the calendar, and we used the one with the tshirt crew for the final image. I also needed to include the photoshopped image I said I would make because I kept getting blinded by the reflective scales on the bikini top:




If you’ve ever been around me during a shoot, I make sure to take care of the girls. The whole day I offered an arm for them to balance with on the uneven terrain, kicking weeds and such out of the way, and helping them to crawl on the cars and basically keep them from getting hurt. My genius idea to wear shorts this day took a momentary turn, as I wiped my leg across some sort of poisonous weed. After a few minutes of some intense, direct pain, the location’s resident said the anti-plant would be growing nearby and to rub it on myself. This is the closest I’ve ever come to being like one of those dudes that do the extreme wilderness hikes. Also, I’m just really glad that Priest didn’t need to pee on my leg to make the pain go away.

It was at this point that the record-setting 106* day started to break. The heat became a little more manageable, but this insane wind came in, blowing stuff everywhere. Mostly dust. Magnetic dust that smelled like cow poo from the nearby farm. I’m not sure if you’re aware of how hard it is for a sub-hundred pound girl to stand in heels on rough terrain against a 40mph wind gust. It just doesn’t happen.

I did manage to get out a few good shots of images that we ended up not using, because we added another day of shooting. We planned on doing a 16 month calendar, but that concept fell through to the 12 month we produced due to time and the financial constraint of publishing the calendar ourselves.

Now on to the final model for this post, then on to the rest of this day of shooting: sunsets & shenanigans!
I shot Kelley previous to this shoot ( and love shooting her! She’s one of the most honest, sweetest girls I’ve ever met before. It’s great to see someone get really excited about the photos you did of them, and I want to thank her for being such a cheerleader for my Pinup work.

We made it past the scorching heat, and started to roll into the cooler side of the day. We planned on her being Miss December, which is hard when you’re shooting in the spring. This leads to creative use of color to get the feeling across. We put her in a red corset, and I knew I would green tint the image in photoshop. I was stoked that there was a white car on location, so I could get her on it…assuming it wasn’t still hot enough to fry an egg. I ended up crawling on some giant boxes that lined the compound on the west side, and was hanging out over her with my arm extended to do the shoot. Imagine the October shoot, just even more awkward looking.

We had another bike on location, and a little free time between models, so we shot some other possibilities with a white tow truck. The sun was coming down, and the sky was waking up, so her on the blue bike ended up being a fantastic shot with some great drama. She even burned her tush on the exhaust pipe on this one…she suffers for art!

before/after of girl on car
Kelley leaning on a blue motorcycle

burned tush

And as always, I love to read your comments!